Why not add a Keychain or Lanyard to your personalised memory stick

All of these models can be paired up with a Keychain or Lanyard

To give your Personalised Flash Drive an added dimension why not pair it up with a Keychain or Lanyard from Project USB?

A keychain is a great low cost way to make your USB that little bit easier for your clients to carry around. A lanyard adds this function and helps further promote your brand by allowing the recipient to place the Memory Stick around their neck and thus keeping it in full view.

Given the different materials used for the cases in this range there are plenty of branding options at your disposal. Plastic cases support Full Colour Printing and Screen Printing while the Wood and Metal cases allow for the additional option of Laser engraving.

We have several options for the shape and type of keychain while our lanyards are available in several colours and can even be custom branded themselves.

Different branding options suit different logos and help reflect the ethos of your company or product.