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Why choose ProjectUSB?

Here at Project USB we combine a wealth of skill and knowledge with some of the lowest prices in the Custom Memory Stick industry not only here in Australia but Worldwide.

From Independent Photographers to Multinational Corporations, Schools in remote territories to Government Departments – ProjectUSB is the trusted place to go for Custom Branded USB Solutions.

Everyday our staff set out to deliver the very best product and service that they can. Our team take pride in what they do, we hold regular in-house meetings and always take on board any wisdom we can from our valuable clients. We do this to make sure you get all the right support and guidance you need to showcase your brand or idea in the very best way possible.

It is this commitment to customer service, along with our huge range of low cost high quality Flash Drives that sets us apart from the rest.

Project USB provides a range of USB Flash Drive solutions for your business.

We offer a range of USB branding techniques. Each with their own exciting strengths to help your design standout when combined with one of our huge range of customizable USBs.

Let’s start with Printing;

Our standard method is Silk Screen Printing, this requires a non gradient design with a limited number of colours. It’s particularly clean and crisp and suits most company logos.
Next up is Full Colour Printing, this works best for logos with gradients and we recommend printing direct to a White USB surface when using this method. Another option for multi coloured gradient based designs is UV printing.
Finally we have epoxy doming, this is a little different in that we will print an epoxy dome separately and then attach it to the USB – a great option for any type of logo.
*Your ProjectUSB account manager (with the aid of our skilled design team) will be able to work out the best option for you.

Next up we have Laser Engraving, this available for Wood and Metal models. A favourite among photographers when combined with our wide range of brandable Wooden USB Flash Drives and in our opinion equally beautiful on Aluminium or full Metal memory sticks.

Embossing – A fun solution for our range of Leather USB Flash Drives.

Pantone Colour Matching. Do you have a specific Pantone that is associated with your brand? Well we have you covered.
We offer a shell colour matching service for several models and for some of our most popular USBs this even comes at no extra cost.

Free Content Loading – why not take advantage of our free data-preloading service? We know that most of our competitors have additional charges for this but we just don’t think that’s right. Place an order with us and we’ll load your USBs at no extra charge!

Buying unbranded USBs in bulk? We do that too, our range of non-branded/plain USBs is huge and whether you’re looking for a funky twister, organic wood or even USB wristbands they’re all available from us at low, low prices.

What if you want our brilliant Bulk USB Flash Drive service but for a model that is not on our site?

To keep things simple we only list a selection of 40-50 of our most popular USBs on our site but if you’ve found a model you like (and it’s not on our site) simply email sales @ project.com.au a picture of it, how many units you’d like and at what memory size and we’ll provide a quote – we have over 1000 different models available.

The Final word.

If you want a company synonymous with quality, a company you can trust to guide you to the very best Custom Branded USB Flash Drive solution then your decision is simple – choose Project USB.

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Begin your very own ProjectUSB journey today!

Step one, getting a quote: 
Choose any model you like and request a quote by filling out our form on an individual Flash Drive page. CLICK HERE to browse our range. Or, CLICK HERE to send us an image of the model you are after (over 1000 different models available)

Step two, digital sample: 
Once you’ve found a model and quote you’re happy with, you will need to send in your logo (a vector image is preferred). Once we have this we’ll send you a computer generated image of what your Branded Flash Drives will look like.

Step three, final approval: 
Now you’ve approved a computer generated sample, we’ll quickly produce a real life dummy model and send images for your approval.

Step four, mass production: 
After your final approval our factory team will get to work; printing, engraving, colouring and preloading your Promotional Flash Drives. *All Project USB products are triple quality checked during and post production.

Step five, delivery: 
Providing payment has been received we’ll delivery your USB Flash Drive order as soon as it’s ready. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia – your shipping is free.

Custom USB Flash Drives, Branded with your Logo or Design – This is ProjectUSB

The low down on “full” Custom USB Flash Drives

What is a Full Custom Mold USB Flash Drive I hear you ask

Rather than a picking from one of our huge range of stock cases we can build a completely new design just for you!

Our Custom Mold memory sticks are made from a strong PVC rubber and the design possibilities are almost endless.

Whether you’re after a design based on a Car, House, Dog, TV, Bottle (pretty much anything) we’ve got you covered. Simply request a quote and send through a hi-def image of what you’d like us to the base your design on.

The more info you provide the better. As well as the number of USB units and the memory size you’re after, it’s very helpful if you can suggest the dimensions although we’re more than happy to do this for you.

Why create your own when you could print or engrave your logo onto any one of our awesome prebuilt Flash Drives?

Now that is a good question. Full Custom Mold USBs aren’t for everyone and the first place I suggest to any new client who’s a bit unsure of where to start is our Best Selling USB range.

However, sometimes a regular case just isn’t going to cut it. You may have a clear theme or product you want to promote and there’s often no better way to do this than with a fully cumstomized memory stick built to your specifications.

If standing out from the crowd is priority number one then why not give the people something they’ve never seen before – that is the essence of a full Custom Mold USB.

Now we’ve got that cleared up, how do we go from the initial idea to the finished product?

First things first, it’s all about getting the digital design spot on. With your feedback we will keep going back to the drawing board until you are 100% satisfied with the digital design and we do this free of charge. Once everything is digitally designed a final accurate quote for the job can be given.

Now that the digital design is finialised the next step is creating real life samples!

At our specialist PVC mold factory a metal mold based on your design will be created. Once that is ready real life samples will be produced and then these will need to be reviewed prior to the order going into mass production.

*Prior to mass production you are still more than welcome to review how many units you’d like to order and at what memory size (ranging from; 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB to 64GB).

Finally – It’s time for Mass Production.

We’ll get to work creating your order in full, it could 100 units or it could be 100,000 and once ready we’ll deliver your fully customized USB Flash Drives to your Australian address (and yes, delivery is free within Australia).

For more information on Full Custom Mold Memory Sticks please feel free to get in touch using our contact form at Full Custom Mold.

The Specs

Product Materials: PVC Rubber

 Dimensions and colour: Pretty much anything goes! 

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