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We have over 100 stock cases in our range but that’s not all. Explore a world of infinite design possibility,

create your own truly unique Flash Drive with our Custom PVC Molding technology.

Each example above started out as a simple idea.

“Turn our product, our brand, our vision into a fully functioning USB Flash Drive.”

Behind the scenes this process isn’t simple but we make it a breeze for our customers.

First we need something to base the design on.
This could be a photo, a logo, a block of text, a toy, pretty much anything.

From there one of our experienced design team will use digital imaging software
to create a fully finished 3D model of your unique memory stick.

If we get it right first time then great but if we need to revise the design 50 times
we will revise the design 50 times – we will make sure your new case

is exactly as you want it.

Design your own

” Let us take your design to the next level,

stand out from your competition and

leave a truly lasting impression

it all starts right here


Who We Are

From humble beginnings Project USB has become an Australian industry leader in all things USB Flash Drive. Through a commitment to quality, low pricing and great customer service our clients have seen their brands flourish.

Our process is simple. You send us your logo or artwork, we prepare a digital mock up showing your logo superimposed on to your preferred Memory Stick, you approve the design and we get to work on production.

Whether this is your first time looking into personalised Memory Sticks or you’re one of our long term partners you can be sure that we’ll support you every step of the way.

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The Product

Let Project USB take you into a world you probably never knew existed.

We find people tend to be blown away by just how much variety
there is when it comes to Custom Branded Memory Drives.

Tell us, what do you think of when someone mentions the humble flash drive.

Is it one of those where the connector slides in and out of the case, a square one with a cap
or one with a clip that swivels round revealing the USB connector.

Well of course, we have those but we also have Wooden Memory Sticks,
USB Business Cards, Branded Flash Drive Wristbands and
you can even design your own unique USB case.

We offer complimentary design set up as standard, simply provide your logo
or design & let us know which model or models you’re interested in.

A member of our design team will get to work on your free digital proof
this will show your logo superimposed on to the USB Flash Drive.

Our Services

Stay at the forefront of business marketing.

Use Custom Branded Flash Drives to set yourself apart from the competition.


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