Not something you see everyday – Premium Leather USB Flash Drives

Our Leather Range

This whole range definitely falls under the more quirky category of thumbdrives.

While typically you’ll find personalised USBs made from plastic, metal or even Wood, most people won’t have come across a Flash Drive case made of Leather.

Each of these Leather models are a little larger than your average case  and the use of Leather as the main material does mean they’re not the cheapest however they’re still great value. We stock different colours of leather too, these are; Black, White and Brown.

As well as a unique material they also allow for a unique custom branding method. We call this logo embossing or debossing, embossing makes the design pop out from the case while debossing sinks it in – both techniques are best suited to logos with clear boundaries rather than minute intricate details.

Custom branding options available for this range