What is Data Preloading?

We can preload your Flash Drives with data so not only do you receive a stylish Custom Branded Drive on the outside, it will also contain your files inside. It can be standard erasable data or it can be undeletable. It can be 1MB or it can be 1GB, the choice is yours.

Whether it is a big budget promotional video, a PDF presentation, a simple word document or a portfolio of high-res images, preloading your USB Flash Drives is a brilliant idea.

What is File Locking and Partitioning a drive?

By design a USB Flash Drive is a storing unit. You can easily import, export and remove data from Flash drives and this of course includes the preloaded promotional data you are so keen for people to view. With ‘File Lock’ you can protect your data from being deleted or edited.

To do this we create two separate zones (a ‘Partition’) in each drive. These can be viewed once your drive is connected to a reading device via a USB port. Each zone can be assigned its own name. For instance ‘Company Promo’ for the undeletable, read only section and ‘my storage’ for the editable zone.

How to send Project USB your data?

• By email to your Project USB account manager, please note the maximum size for email attachments is 10MB

• Send us a link to download, many people use Dropbox

• By Post on a CD,DVD or USB Flash Drive, the address will depend on the country you are in and will be provided by your designated Project Manager.

*please remember to include your company name and contact details

For downloadable data (such as emailed or Dropbox) a .zip file is preferred (although not mandatory), that way we can unzip and transfer the contents onto each Flash Drive while keeping your chosen file structure. For CD, DVD or USB you do not need to .zip.