Combining light metal with plastic to create a case that has it all

Our Light Metal Range

Home to some of our most popular and cost effective USB Flash Drives.

These cases combine strong, lightweight metal (typically aluminium) with plastic to give a great balance between price, branding, durability and case variety.
The most popular of all customizable USB cases on the entire market is in this range, that’s the ‘Twister’ model as we at Project USB call it.

As for personalized branding options, you’ve got three to choose from; Full Colour Printing, Silk Screen Printing and Laser Engraving.

*You can further breakdown full colour printing (typically for logos with gradient or more than 5 spot colours) into two categories; Ink Jet and UV Printing. Ink Jet requires a white background and because of this we’ve equipped the most popular models in this range with the option for a white coated branding area, if you prefer the metal look then we’ll use UV Printing.

Custom branding options available for this range