Our Dual Connector Range features a regular USB2/3 and a micro USB connector

Our Dual-Connector Range

What do we mean by ‘Dual-Connector’?

A regular USB Flash Drive has either a USB2 or USB3 connector, this allows you to insert your Memory Stick into any device that supports those two options – typically this would be a PC, Mac or some Tablets, however most smaller devices such as mobile phones simply don’t have room for a port of that size.

That’s where our Dual-Connector Range steps in. These models come with your regular USB2 or USB3 connector AND a Micro USB connector at the other end, thus opening up these Pen Drives to use on a far wider range of devices than your standard model.

These models have an aluminium branding area and support Full Colour Printing, Screen Printing and Laser engraving. We also have plenty of case colours to choose from.

Custom branding options available for this range