Wood Swivel

This is a Blog Post, please CLICK HERE to jump to the product page Wood Swivel Memory Stick - the World’s most popular customizable USB with a wood twist! First things first, how would you sum up the design? This model is as refined as they come. Take a wooden body that holds the USB memory chip & connector and add an Aluminium Swivel Clip to protect it when not in use. Most of the edges are slightly curved and to me this helps instill the natural element that the wood also provides. If you look closely you might see that at the far end of the Aluminium Clip there’s a small loop which means this model is also Keychain and Lanyard compatible.   Who picks this model? If you’re relatively new to the world of Custom USB Flash Drives then let [...]

Wood Classic

This is a Blog Post, please CLICK HERE to jump to the product page Wood Classic USB Flash Drive Who picks this model? As with all our Wooden USB Flash Drive models we find these are most popular among photographers and the less “Corporate-style” business. They lend themselves to both engraving and colour screen printing. One thing to always bear in mind when decided how you want to customise your USB Flash Drive is your logo itself. For something big and bold engraving can work fantastically but on wood we wouldn’t recommend it for a logo with particularly small typography. Screen printing on the other hand will suit any design. How do they feel in your hand? Available in four different shades of Wood (Maple, Bamboo, Walnut and Rosewood) all these styles have a smooth, premium finish. This model at 60 x [...]

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