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    For a Custom Mold Quote please fill out our Form.

    What is a Custom Mold USB Flash Drive?

    It is a uniquely shaped rubber housed drive that YOU design and here’s an example.

    We can supply tonnes of different colours, all the usual memory sizes and of course the world renowned ProjectUSB support and guidance… that and a seriously low price.

    Please remember to include an image of what you are after. It can be something as basic as a text logo or a car or a person – the choice is yours! We need the dimensions, for instance; 50 x 20 x 20 mm. We also need to know if you would like part of the design to function as a cap. For instance if you wanted a human shaped custom mold maybe the head could be the cap (covering the USB connector).

    *Alternatively email your request direct to: sales @ projectusb.com.au

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