Project USB New Zealand

With unrivalled expertise, unbeatable pricing and customer service – ProjectUSB New Zealand will make your personalised USB Flash Drive dreams a reality.

It starts with a trip to our website (highlighted above), from here you’ll be dazzled by our range of USBs that tick every single box! From Aluminum to Plastic, Leather to Premium Wood, Business Card to Wristband there’s something to suit everyone.

When it comes to USB memory stick branding we’ve got you more than covered. For Aluminium, Metal, Business Card, Wristband and Wood USB models we have silk screen printing, full colour printing & UV printing. For Wood, Metal and Aluminium we also have laser engraving. Finally for Leather we even have embossing.

In fact we don’t sell a USB memory stick that you can’t brand with your logo or design!

But what if you want more than just branding, what if you want an entirely custom made case?

Yeah we’ve got that covered too. From USB Tractors, to Memory Stick Animals – whatever you want turned into a Full Custom Mold Flash Drive we’ve almost done it all and let’s just say we’re good at it..

It starts with images of your chosen object (the more the merrier btw), from there we’ll create an awesome 3D design and because getting the 3D design perfect is absolutely crucial we’ll keep going back to the drawing board time and time and time again until you are 100% happy with it.

Once the final design has been confirmed we’ll create a new metal mold, from this mold we can create hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of full custom USB Flash Drives exactly as you want them.

Ok, ok I hear you… how do I get started??

Once you’ve chosen the Flash Drive model or models you like; simply head to the product page, type in your details, the number of units and memory size you’re interested in, hit ‘request quote’ and one of our experienced account managers will be in touch to give you some of the best pricing available in not only New Zealand & Australia but the whole planet!

Supplying your logo couldn’t be easier, either attach it to your original quote request or email your Project USB account manager direct. One thing we urge is quality, the higher quality your logo is – the better the final product. For the quickest and best results send a PDF or EPS vector file.

A what? A vector file.

Ok let me explain. A vector file is a line and or colour based file usually created on high end design software like Adobe Illustrator. What makes a vector file special is that it never loses quality, it can be expanded, zoomed to 100x its original size and it will not lose quality. Think of a vector file as pictorial instructions to a computer.

Still not getting why it’s so special? Well think about a digital photo taken on your phone, yes you can zoom in slightly but eventually you get a blurred mess of pixels.

This ultra high quality vector image is perfect for us because it allows the very best level of printing but if you can’t supply a vector file we can work often just as well (to the naked eye) with a high-res JPG or PNG image.

Once we have the logo and the USB memory stick you’re interested in, we’ll be able to supply your tailormade digital mock up (this will show your logo superimposed onto the Flash Drive). If you’re happy with the design we’ll get to work producing the real thing and believe me they look even better when custom branded in real life!

What if I have data to load to the USBs I hear you ask?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too and believe it or not we don’t even charge. That’s right, we’ll save you hours, possibly days of time loading USBs and we won’t even charge you for it. Don’t feel too bad for us though, our huge multi loaders do make things a tad easier than using the one or two ports at the side of your laptop.

Delivery? Yeah that’s free too, all delivery whether within New Zealand or Australia is free. What we quote is what you pay.

So what are you waiting for. Head to Project USB New Zealand or Project USB Australia and get your Custom branded USB Memory Drive dreams started the right way.