Business Card Centre – just another awesome Credit Card USB?

First things first, how would you sum up the design?

It’s a USB memory stick that’s built just like a business card. That said, the edges are slightly curved and there’s a depth of 2.5 mm which means it is slightly thicker and more tactile than a regular credit card.

The surface of the USB is completely flat, the front area can be fully custom printed. Then there is a small area on the back which can’t be printed, this is where the USB connector is housed.

To use the USB flash drive, you simply slide the section housing memory chip/connector out slightly and then flip it out. When you’re done, simply twist and slide back in.

Who picks this model?

Custom printed Credit Card USB Flash Drives are always a very popular choice, from Government departments, Corporate businesses, Schools, Estate agents and even Photographers they fall somewhere between the Classic Swivel drive and our range of Wooden USB sticks in terms of popularity.   

How does it feel in your hand?

At 85.6 x 54.2 x 2.5 mm it’s not exactly small but that’s kinda the point, with this model you get a huge branding area.

It feels like a Business or Credit card but a little thicker and it doesn’t bend. The swivel out USB section is a genuinely fun way to ready the USB connector for use.

What makes this Model different?

It’s an inbetweener. A similar thickness and design to the Business Card Flip but significantly cheaper, however it’s a little pricier than the Business Card Classic which has a larger branding area but a curved surface. For me, the difference is that it brings the best of both worlds, a fully flat surface at a lower cost.

The last word

This is a great model for anyone looking at a Business Card memory drive as their custom printed USB Flash Stick solution. It’s tactile, looks great and is fun to use. With an almost 100% branding area you know you’re going to get your message across and anyone receiving one of these is going to be seriously impressed.

To check out the product page simply head to Business Card Centre.

Product Materials: Plastic
Dimensions: 85.6 x 54.2 x 2.5 mm
Colour Printing
Imprint Area:
85.6 x 54.2 mm Front Side
85.6 x 54.2 mm Reverse Side