Plastic Bold Flash Drive

This is a Blog Post, please CLICK HERE to jump to the product page Plastic Bold - an unparalleled branding area with a slick capless design.   First things first, how would you sum up the design? Big and Bold. A premium feel solid plastic body is complimented by a metallic outer shell which allows you to seamlessly push out the USB connector for use or pull it in to protect it when on the move. Practically the whole of each side of the USB body is brandable which means it ranks only behind our Business Card USB Flash Drives for branding area. Who picks this model? It’s a great option for any business but we often recommend this model to our clients with a particularly detailed logo that won’t necessarily be printable on many other USBs. A lot of our clients [...]

Who invented the computer jump drive?

Who invented the computer jump drive? A computer jump drive, also known as USB drive, USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive, flash-drive USB memory or most commonly a USB Flash Drive is a data storage device that assists users to transfer data from one device to another. It is available in many different memory sizes normally ranging from 8 to 256 gb but sometimes even as much as 2 tb. The computer jump drive does not require any extra components such as charging components and therefore is highly efficient as a portable device. This combined with its low weight and large storage capacity has led to the large-scale replacement of floppy disks and also the general removal of floppy disk drives from all computers. The Father of the flash drive is an Israeli entrepreneur and inventor named Dov Moran. After completing his electrical engineering degree at the Technion Institute of Technology [...]

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