Our dual-functioning all time favourite – The Best Selling Pen USB Flash Drive

Who picks this model?

A quality designed pen has been a staple branded item for decades and the integrating with a Flash Drive has taken the customized pen to a whole new level. It is typically a text based company logo that suits the long thin printable area best.

Pen USB Flash Drives are a smart choice for any company. In particular, they are a favourite for banks, medical practices, educational institutions and recruitment companies (among many others).

Ask yourself, what better way to impress your clients than by handing them a stylishly designed pen with the dual-functionality of a flash drive. This is one of those drives that you know people will hold on to long term and therefore will keep your company at the forefront of their mind.

How do they feel in your hand?

Our Pen Drives are slightly heavier than your average biro and they have a seriously premium feel. The outer casing is a combination of smooth metal and plastic. To access the USB connector the user twists anti-clockwise from (roughly) the half way point of the drive.

What makes this Model different?

The dual-functionality is was what sets all Pen USB Flash Drives apart from the rest. They may not provide the largest printing area but they arguably pack the hardest promotional punch. We’ve found our clients tend to order these with an 8GB memory (significantly larger than the average), I believe this is with the view of providing a large enough capacity for the drives to be used as a personal storage device in the long term.

The last word

Combining style, quality and dual-functionality – Pen USB Flash Drives are a real winner. Your clients will really appreciate the extra effort your brand has gone through to produce a promotional item of this standard. They are a genuine conversation starter in the office, at events and in everyday life.

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The Specs

Product Materials: Metal & Plastic

 Dimensions: 135 x 18 x 18

Colour Printing

Laser Engrave

Imprint Area:

42 x 7 mm