Our most popular model, the Aluminium Swivel (Twister USB Flash Drive)

Who picks this model?

The easiest way to answer this question would actually be to ask ‘who doesn’t?’ but I won’t do that!

The Swivel is the most popular Flash Drive model among our range and loved by so many of our clients both old and new. From the smaller firms all the way up to the biggest world renowned organisations you will see the Swivel Drive keep appearing. It is also a favourite of many charitable and government organisations.

From our experience the average memory size selected on this model is 2GB (fairly modest) and the orders tend to be on the larger scale units wise. A typical type of distribution would be as a handout at corporate functions with a presentation pre-loaded, this is the modern version of providing booklets and flyers. The presentations tend to be fairly small files allowing the recipient plenty of room to use the drive for their own purposes and thus keeping your brand on show (the printable branding/logo area is a very respectable 26 x 13 mm).

How do they feel in your hand?

It is medium size (57 x 18 x 9 mm), with a smooth Aluminium shell and a plastic main body that has smooth curved edges. Couple those specs with the swivel/twist function and this makes it a particularly tactile model.

What makes this Model different?

A combination of things. Firstly it is a swivel drive and that means no lid to lose, you simply twist the aluminium outer shell to reveal the USB connecter and twist it back once you’ve finished using it. Of course this isn’t the only swivel drive available so what really sets this one apart is PRICE – it is the most cost effective printable model available. For a quote CLICK HERE.

The last word

When it comes to popularity and value for money the Aluminium/Plastic Swivel or twister USB Flash Drive is at the top of all Promotional Memory Sticks and it doesn’t look like it is going to give up its crown any time soon.

The Specs

Product Materials: Aluminium & Plastic

 Dimensions: 57 x 18 x 9 mm

Colour Printing

Laser Engrave

Imprint Area:

Front Side 26 x 13 mm

Reverse Side 26 x 13 mm